Saturday, May 02, 2009

Food Courts in Singapore

The Hawker Centers, food courts and restaurants in Singapore all have one thing in common. Their toilets do not have SOAP!

I don't care about the rating on how clean the food establishment is, when you have no soap in shopping mall toilets, or worse, no toilet paper -- I consider the place a health risk to eat there.

I think most Singaporeans still do not mind as I have observed EVERYONE not using the soap dispenser at all after using the toilet. Just thinking of the cooks going to take a dump, and there is no toilet paper, and no soap... Then return to the kitchen to cook your food!

I would assume that such basic personal hygene would be a common thing that the Singapore government -- the government that banned chewing gum -- would have it many ministries to check on, perhaps -- Ministry of Toilet -- needs to be set up.

With the Swine Flu, I would urge people to wash their hands more often, especially before consumption of food, but without soap, I don't know what to say. 

Maybe there should be a BRING YOUR OWN SOAP day at the shopping malls and eveyone in the malls with their children do not seem to be concern about the Swine Flu and food poisoning that happened few weeks back that killed several people.

Besides checking the cleanliness of the stores, I wonder if the NEA checks on the availability of toilet paper and soap in toilets?

P.S. I was at Bugis Junction and Plaza Singapura. No soap and toilet paper near the food court. I was at Toa Payoh Lor 4 Market. No soap and toilet paper in market or coffee shops, but people seemed to be hesitant to buy pork. 

Fear wins, education fails.

--Iron Bowl

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