Sunday, May 03, 2009

Loading and unloading bays (revisited)

In many countries, there are parking for commercial vehicles. These parking lots are for only 30 mins and they are very important for the commercial vehicles to load and unload goods.

In Singapore, I've seen many commercial vehicles get fined parking at the loading and unloading bays. I own a renovation company and I too get a lot of these parking violations although I park the vehicle for less than 15 mins at the loading and unloading bays, and my vehicle is too "tall" to enter the multi-storied carparks.

This rule seems to be promoting "double parking" as the passenger cars that double park and block traffic or park at the no parking areas seemed to be spared parking violations, where commercial vehicles that are loading and unloading at the loading and unloading bays are fined.

Should there be an update in the rule?

--Iron Bowl

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