Friday, May 08, 2009

Singapore Terrorist

In Jarkarta, Mohammad Hasan Saynudin, a 36-year old Singaporean admitted to meeting Osama bin Laden many times and

plotted an attack on a bar frequented by non-muslims. 

I read this on the newspapers in Malaysia and in Indonesia, but after searching the Singapore newpapers, this piece 

of news seemed to be missing. 

Singapore constantly boasts that it has low crime and no terrorist activities, because the media seems to cover up 

these news. The fact that this Singaporean is getting 18 years jail sentence, and was proud of his actions and ready 

for whatever punishment was handed down proves that no matter which country you are from, there is still chance of 

terrorism and terrorist network.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, has been hit by a string of terrorist attacks in recent years 

blammed on South-East Asian militant network Jemaah Islamiah (JI) - formerly funded by Al-Qaeda. The escaped 

terrorist in Singapore, Mas Selamat Kastari, who planned a bombing at Changni International Airport in Singapore was 

also a member of JI.

Mohammad Hasan -- Arrested with nine other Islamic militants and a cache of weapons on Sumatra island in July 2008 

-- admitted to many crimes during his trial, including helping mastermind a foiled plot to hijack a Russian Aeroflot 

plane and crash it into the terminal at Singapore's international airport in 2001.

More should be done as this clearly shows that there is an active community of terrorist that may be present in 

Singapore and the police should do more to find these dangerous terrorist cells and stop them before they succeed in 

plotting something successful.

Malaysia and Indonesia, and now Philippines are known to have Muslim rebel groups and provide santuary and colluded 

with fugitice South-East Asian Islamic militants in the country respective south.

Though Philippines have a lot of Roman Catholic State, intelligence report detailed close links between the Moro 

Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and JI millitants. The report also detailed more Singaporeans at the rebel bases in 

the southern Phillipines. 

I feel that all of these terrorists should be stopped and arrested at all cost as terrorism brings separation and 

fear, which leads to war and conflict, something the world does not need in such troubled times today.

--Iron Bowl

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