Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steps to be taken when your twitter account is suspended.

My account was suspended recently, and I have yet to find out the reason. I was managing my followers on and I added 350 people who were following me and deleted about 100 spammers whom I followed. Within hours, I got suspended.

Suspended Accounts

A Twitter account may be suspended for a variety of reasons. The most common of which is automated mass following or other types of spammy behavior.

What is Spam on Twitter?

Commercial or promotional use of Twitter is allowed. There are many companies who create valuable, opt-in relationships with users on Twitter who want to keep up to date with them. However, if you are following other accounts in order to gain attention to your account or links therein, you may be considered spam. If you are creating a series of accounts in order to promote the same thing, you may be considered spam. If you are sending large numbers of @reply messages that are not genuine replies, you may be considered spam. If you are creating updates in order to show up in search results, you may be considered spam. If you are disguising links (i.e., writing about one thing but linking to another), you may be considered spam. If a large number of users have blocked you (relative to those following you), you may be considered spam.

Other Reasons Your Account May Be Suspended

It’s possible your account may be suspended for breaking other Twitter rules. Impersonation, illegal content, or any violation of the Twitter Terms of Service may result in the suspension of your account.

If You’ve Been Suspended

I’m not happy about this lack of customer service. I have submitted 2 tickets and one email and they replied and close the ticket with a bunch of links. Then after subquent requests, I some how got my account back. (4 days)

Here are the following steps I took which got my account back

1) Submit a request to get your account back. (second tab)

2) Send an email to give them a valid reason of what you think you did before the suspension. Posting some nefarious links can get you suspended. So be careful when you RT

3) Wait. (A couple of days) and check your existing requests (third tab)

4) While waiting, check out other people's blog, add your comments on why you got your account suspended, spread the word.

5) Get your friends and set up new account to send messages to @spam. And get more request tickets in from other users to justify the un-suspension. (Does not really help, but sure "adds more work" for the customer service.)

6) Hope for the best.

Like I said, my friends @oliverschmid, @Robin_low are all addicted tweeps and life is different without twitter!

Please don't suspend our accounts again!

--Iron Bowl

(Feel free to follow us back on Twitter, if you are not a spam bot, we will follow you back too!)


Anonymous said...

I had my account suspended more than 4 times I know off actively and a couple of times, when other Tweets told me about after the fact.
I supported tickets to and also tweeted from a secondary account to @delbius. Btw - my secondary account was also suspended twice.
But every time my account was active again after a couple of hours the most. And sometimes I was not even aware of it, since it happened during times I was not actively online.
The weird thing was that I was told that my account was not/never suspended. @Delbius, who seems to be one of their support guys told me that he cleared the cache and my account was active again. I provided screen prints to them showing the suspended message, since I was told I may have tried inadvertently a wrong account.
After the fourth suspension within 3 days they finally believed me and I was told that they will look into this matter.
I have no been up and running fine since Thursday, without ant further issues.
The only thing that happened every time before I was suspended, was that I was spammed by some dubious X-Rated account, which ever changing account id's/twitter names just made up by random combination of letters.

Anonymous said...

I got suspended too, I followed the steps and now I've got to wait a few days...