Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just got the most annoying phone calls ever.

"Hi this is xxxx from Ministry of Manpower. We are doing a Survey"

"Are you working now?"

"No, unemployed." - R

"What are you doing now?"

"Writing a book." - R

"So, you are employed?"

"NO, unemployed, no income. Applying for a job but yet no offers. 7 months alresdy" - R

"So what are you doing now?"

"Writing book, onEntrepreneurship." - R

"So, you are employed? You are working what..."

"Not getting income, I am writing a book and I probably have to publish it myself." - R

"Like that means you working. Bye..."

Huh? If I'm doing something without income, and employment... I am considered employed under the government statics? WTF??

This is a second calll from a reporter.

"Hi I'm xxxxx from SPH, and xxxxx informed me that you are looking for a job.. is that true?"

"Yes, that is true." - R

"How long have you been unemployed?"

"Since being retrenched in 2003. But I went to Harvard, and I'm now still unemployed." - R

"What is your highest Education?"

"I have honors from NUS Engineering, and I completed a Course at Harvard Extension." - R

"Are you looking for a job in Singapore?"

"Yes, since January 2009." - R

"What are you doing now?"

"I am writing a book." - R

"I heard from my colleague that you owned businesses, so what made you look for a job? Did your company failed?"

"No, company still around. Just little business for my construction company, but keeping alive. My other company is doing ok ......" -R

"So you don't really need a job, you are doing very well."

"No, I have bills to pay. In fact, after not working and looking for a job for more than 6 months, I have ran out of savings in Singapore." - R

"For your qualifications, you can find a job easily, are you asking for a lot of salary?"

"I am interested to work and gain experience and contacts, I will work for low salary, I just want more flexibility." - R

"Low salary, maybe for you, I think your expectation is too high."

"I'll work for salary above $3k. I used to earn $10k per month in the US. I just want to work." - R

"Why are you looking for a job?"

"Like I said earlier, I do not have any income, company not doing so well that I can just live off it. I need income to survive. What is this interview regarding?" - R

"We are doing interviews for people who lost their jobs. And you don't seem liek the right candidate."

"Wait. I lost my job and started a company. I still lost my job... I have no income! And I started the company because I cannot find a job, and I still cannot find a job now. My expectations are low, but the companies are simply not hiring. My company is self sustaining, but not making a big profit. It still does not mean that I am employed. I have been actively looking for a job for more than 6 months...." - R

"I don't think you are suitable for the interview, we are looking for people who are unemployed."

"I am looking for a job, I have no income. Doesn't it mean I am unemployed? Are you looking for handicapped people who have 3 children, sick parents and are looking for a job, but they owe a lot of credit card bills and their wife had kidney failure or some terminal illness? Are you some sort of sadistic press that want to show people who are unemployed fit into some form of stereotype to report the news? I feel that if someone cannot find a job for a few months, they should do something on their own. Start their own company, and find other sources of income. They don't need to sit and complain and just apply for jobs. " - R

"Are you trying to promote your book?"

"No, this is not about my book. Its about people's attitude. In times like this, you need to be flexible... Not give up in dispair and hope for miracles to happen." - R

"I still don't think you are suitable for the story."

"Good bye." - R

Well there is the press for you. They have 1 stroy to write and if it deviates, like "handicapped guy is competing in para-olympics..." It means that this handicapped guy somehow does not need elevators anymore and he can climb up stairs as he competes in para-olympics. The story is no more news worthy... They have pre-conceptions and if you do not fit in, you are not good for their story.

I am very annoyed and disturbed.

-- Iron Bowl