Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Taxis in Singapore.

Many of you have probably encountered REALLY bad Taxi drivers, but have you experienced the following?

1) There are the taxi drivers that speed up and close the gap when you decide to filter into another lane, preventing you from doing so.

2) The taxi drivers that crowd around MRT stations and popular bus stops which causes traffic to back up. (Example, peak hours at Novena MRT and Toa Payoh MRT)

3) The taxi drivers that refuse to pick you up when you are just outside the ERP areas (because the yget more $$ if you are inside)

4) The aggressive taxi filtering of lanes from 4th lane to 1st, just to drop or pick up a passenger.

5) The taxi that reverse on expressway to get off the exit that he missed.

6) The taxi that double park, or block other parked cars, because the driver is buying 4D

7) The taxi driver that wants to pick a fight with @wahliaodotcom @belindaang and @mangomangomango

8) The taxi with a cloth over license plate to drive across several ERP gantries (unpaid - with the help of a disconnected IU)

9) The taxi which drives extremely slow to try to pick up passengers.

10) The time when you really need a taxi, but all of them are occupied!!

--Irob Bowl

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