Sunday, August 30, 2009


How Many Nukes Will It Really Take to Instantly Annihilate Humanity?

Forget about nuclear winter. Humans are resilient. We will survive. So how many nukes will it take to destroy every single human being in the planet, on first blast? Here's the calculation in graphic form—with a surprising answer:

The first part of the graphic—created by David McCandless—shows how much space is actually used by the entire population. According to the Guardian Datablog and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, only 12.5% of the planet's surface is actually occupied by humans. A total of 18,617,500 square kilometers.

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Now, the most powerful active nuclear warhead in the world is the B83, which has a destructive power of two hundred Little Boys, the bomb that destroyed part of Hiroshima. That's a 14.9-square-kilometer total destruction area. Complete instant tanning, and obliteration of anything in sight. To give you an idea of what this space means, Manhattan is 58.8 square kilometers. Central London is 26 square kilometers.

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Now divide the total number of square kilometers by the destruction radius of the B83 to get the total number of nukes required for instant annihilation. As you can see, we need 123.36 times the amount of nukes available today: 10,227 nukes vs 1,241,166 nukes needed to completely disintegrate every single one of us in a millisecond.

Conclusion: WE NEED MORE NUKES, NOT FEWER. Better die instantly than having to survive nuclear winter and yet another horrible movie with Mel Gibson playing Mad Max. One that would last for a few hundred years at that

Source: Gizmodo | by Jesus Diaz – August 29, 2009 Saturday 12:00am

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Energizer “D” Battery Exposed

Why are Energizer “D” batteries so weak?

To find out the answer, I decided to take one apart and see what was inside. As this picture reveals, inside the “D” battery is a much smaller battery! The Energizer “D” battery is actually just a cheap plastic shell surrounding a much smaller, low-capacity battery similar in size and capacity to an “AA” battery (2500 mAh).

This explains why the Energizer “D” rechargeable battery has such low power capacity to begin with. The company doesn't even try to make it a high-capacity “D” battery, it seems. They're filling part of the inside of the battery body with nothing more than cheap plastic and useless air. And how much does Energizer charge for this “D” battery? More than $12 each!

It's true: These inferior “D” batteries cost around $25 for a pack of two. These are known as “Energizer E2 Rechargeable Batteries, Size D,” rated at 2500 mAh each. (mAh is a measure of how much power is contained in the battery. It's sort of like the fuel tank in your car. The bigger the number, the more power the battery delivers.)

By comparison, an Energizer AA battery rated at the exact same capacity -- 2500 mAh -- costs about THREE dollars!

So why is a “D” battery priced at 400% more than an AA battery with the exact same capacity? Because Energizer can get away with it, probably. Most consumers have no idea about the mAh numbers. They just look at the physical size of the battery and figure it has more capacity. (Mainstream consumers are remarkably gullible, and few understand any technical specs at all.)

By comparison, check out the Powerex “D” rechargeable batteries at These batteries have more than 300% more power than theEnergizer batteries, and they only cost slightly more! ($15 dollars vs. about $12, for triple the power). They're also significantly heavier. And you know why they're heavier? Because they don't contain a bunch of cheap plastic and air gaps inside!

So what is Energizer up to with their low-capacity 2500mAh “D” batteries, anyway? To read my opinion of the Energizer conspiracy theory...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Medicine, are we subsidizing it?

I am very disturbed that most people do not finish their medication. Even my mother does that.

I think the cost of medicine is actually pretty high, especially for prescription ones, and probably the government is subsidizing it, however, many people do not finish their prescription given and like to "keep it" for self medication later. If it is expired, it is just thrown away. WHAT A WASTE!

I think that if these medicine are "subsidized", then the medical companies are probably profiting a lot from this, and can somehow give incentives to doctors to give mroe medicine than needed. So the elderly and most other people are right, we do not need to finish the medication.

But I know for a fact that some of my elderly neighbours and aunts do not finish some of their medicine, when they "feel better", and what's alarming is they do it to all medicine, including Antibiotics!

Is the level of general knowledge so poor? Don't everyone know that we MUST finish all the antibiotics? (or it may not work on us the next time we are prescribed?) I generally will not take any and will get the doctor not to prescribe unless necessary.

I wonder how much would the government save if less medicine was given out, and if the patient needed more, they could go to their local phamarcy to buy more. (With their prescription)

--Iron Bowl

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Flatulence + Fever + Flu + Bronchitis + Sore Throat = Nasty Person.

It is not often I get into this state where my stomach hurts, my body aches, my head is swirling and I'm constantly wheezing with my nose wet. But when this happens, I usually end up in trouble and nothing good ever comes out.


I can recall back in my Primary school days when I had the same symptoms I have now. I was in class when I started farting and my classmates started giggling. (esp. the girls) I had a high pitch fart and I felt slight relief and so I smiled a little and the teacher decided that I was interrputing her class.

"Robin. Stand up." The teacher said.

I stood up, wiping the grin off my face.

"What is so funny?" The teacher asked.

[Faaaarrrrrrrrt] I let off a long ripper and everybody in class started laughing.

"Nothing ma'am." I said.

"Are you mocking me?" The teacher asked.

"I think I just farted, and I don't think my fart was the mocking kind." [farrrrttt]

"Stop it this instant!" The teacher said. "Come out here and stnd here. This is very rude. You are not allowed to fart in class."

"I sure wished I could control it ma'am." I said. [FAAAAARRRRRRRTTTTTTTT]

"Stop it." the teacher said, "You're getting detention."

I put up my hand and said. "I don't think I really have a choice ma'am, I cannot control what come out of my ass... The last one felt a little... wet. Can I be excused now?"

The class roared in laughter, and I got detention later.


In my secondary school, when I had the similar symptoms, I was in physics class and I did not feel well. From time to time, I tilted my chair backwards and 'bounced' off the desk of the person behind me as I was trying the best way to feel comfortable. The student behind me decided to move his desk and I fell and created a large commotion.

"Robin, why are you interrupting the class?" The teacher asked.

"I fell as I lost my balance and the angle at which my chair leaned back exceeded what I needed to maintain balance. Gravity can be a bitch." I said.

"That sort of language is not tolerated here, you are very rude, people are trying to learn here, and this type of behaviour is just unacceptable." The teacher said. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I learnt that when I exceeded the point of stability, the center of gravity is on the other side of the support and I fell..." I said.

"Stop it, you are being very rude, why do you have to answer back?" The teacher said.

"I was just replying to your question, sir." I said.

"You're doing it again." The teacher said. "Do you know that you are being very rude?"

"Is this a rhetorical question?" I asked.

The exchange went on for some where the teacher ended his sentence with a question and somehow I replied everytime angering him even more. I got more detention after.


In Junior College, I encountered the same feeling again. I was feeling restless due to lack of sleep and I was twirling my pen in class. When my pen flew off and dropped beside the girl sitting beside me, whe picked it up and returned it to me.

"Robin, why are you talking in class again?" The teacher asked.

"I was not talking ma'am, I was just trying to retreive my pen." I said. "And when you said again, do you mean that I was talking before?"

"Stop answering back. You behaviour is not acceptable in this class." The teacher said. "You are very disruptive. Don't think that just because you have good grades, it allows you to be rude in class."

"I was not being rude in class." I said. "Grades has got nothing to do with this, I lost my focus and my pen dropped. I was just trying to pick it up."

"Stop answering back!" The teacher said.

"I was just trying to clarify a misunderstanding here." I said. "I did not talk before, and I am not feeling well, and I was not trying to be rude. I am trying to resolve this conflict that we seem to be having and this has nothing to do with grades."

"You're doing it again?" The teacher said.

"Doing what?" I asked. "Trying to resolve our issues through verbal means?"

Same thing happened, I got more detention...

I feel that whenever I have this feeling, I tend to get into trouble and I get very emotional and verbal. There are many more incidents which got me into trouble and fights, but I'm not going to get into it now.

I think there is a chemical imbalance which alters my emotions whenever I get into this state.

For now, as I know I am in the same situation, I now have decided to go to bed, not coming out until the pain is over.

--Iron Bowl