Thursday, August 06, 2009

Medicine, are we subsidizing it?

I am very disturbed that most people do not finish their medication. Even my mother does that.

I think the cost of medicine is actually pretty high, especially for prescription ones, and probably the government is subsidizing it, however, many people do not finish their prescription given and like to "keep it" for self medication later. If it is expired, it is just thrown away. WHAT A WASTE!

I think that if these medicine are "subsidized", then the medical companies are probably profiting a lot from this, and can somehow give incentives to doctors to give mroe medicine than needed. So the elderly and most other people are right, we do not need to finish the medication.

But I know for a fact that some of my elderly neighbours and aunts do not finish some of their medicine, when they "feel better", and what's alarming is they do it to all medicine, including Antibiotics!

Is the level of general knowledge so poor? Don't everyone know that we MUST finish all the antibiotics? (or it may not work on us the next time we are prescribed?) I generally will not take any and will get the doctor not to prescribe unless necessary.

I wonder how much would the government save if less medicine was given out, and if the patient needed more, they could go to their local phamarcy to buy more. (With their prescription)

--Iron Bowl

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