Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Annoying Bus Ride

I was on the bus earlier today and a very unfortunate thing happened. I was sitting facing a man who initially seemed a little annoying. He was probably in his 40's, rather short and stout. Initially, he was just mouthing off at people, and as the bus ride continues, he turns on his phone and plays music loudly.

An Indian man sitting beside me looked at him for a brief moment and suddenly the man got offended and started shouting vulgarities. "What are you staring at?" "What is your F*cking problem?" "Which village are your from?" and much more. The Indian man avoided eye contact and the man got more angry. "You think you are better than me?" "You F*ucking bl**k a**hole, why did you stare at me?" The Indian man quickly apologized and left the bus.

Many people left the bus after the near confrontation and I seemed to be the only one opposite him. "You think I can be bullied?" "What is your problem?" The man started to talk to me and I have a strong feeling that he needs medical attention as he is mentally messed up, so I ignored him. "I'm talking to you f*cker..." The man got more aggressive and reached for me. I looked at him briefly and exited the bus, unfortunately he followed me off the bus.

"Hey, why you stare at me like that?" The man started shouting and followed me. Then he grabbed my shoulder and I turned around. Grabbing his hand, I twisted his arm and pulled him to the ground. With his arm stretched out, and him face down on the floor, I wrapped my legs around his arm giving him an arm bar, crossing my ankles at his shoulders. (My only trick I know from MMA)

With many pedestrian looking, no one ever bothered to stop, but they just stood there and stared. The man was still noisy and mouthing off, but when I applied more pressure, and he failed to break free, he finally gave up. I released him and helped him up, but he started mouthing again. This time I stared at him and I'm getting a little more annoyed. I wanted to walk off but I heard the word "Coward" coming out of his mouth and I started walking towards him. His boldness suddenly disappeared and he ran off.

Just my luck... Met up with a nut job...

--Iron Bowl

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