Friday, October 16, 2009

Navin Revelations

I got some drinks and food last night in the Cricket Stadium (on the field itself) and the food was good, and there is beer and Tequila, all's good.

There was battered food, stir fried food, spicy food... Along with Tequila and Beer, it was pretty good.

Then Navin started talking and photos were shared.

The words, Drag (Queen), Boob Tube, Nerd, Fag kept coming out, and when Navin got a little more drunk, Suzanne, Navin's high school friend leaked out more information on Navin.

Navin's Drunk interview (Pt 1)

I was concerned a little concerned when Navin commented (unrecorded but with witnessed) "That is why I should not have childen with you!" I hope he was drunk when he said that, and what was he thinking?? I guess Navin is a fun drunk or you might say, a Fag Drunk...

The evening was fun and went on nicely, and even when we were drunk and beat a red light, the cop that stopped us reeked of alcohol and he let us go.

Alls well until the next morning.

I got Flatulence Constipated Spicy Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (FCSIBS)

Its a condition I have never gotten before! There is much air trapped, and even when the stools are solid, there is a "Spiciness" feeling when it exits. The solid stools are like dangerous projectiles which gets propelled out at high velocity due to the compressed air.

I guess Himaj and Suzanne has found a way to create really dangerous bio-weapons and all we need now is a balloon which we can find at Kandalama in November. Watch out, FCSIBS is coming and hot steaming solid spicy projectiles will fall from the sky!

-- Iron Bowl

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