Monday, October 12, 2009

Pose like a Pro

Do you like traveling and posing for photos? 

Instead of having boring poses you are tired off in your travel photos, why not get some posing tips from the Professional.

Although there are many people who are born with this talent, it can be trained and everyone can look good in photos.

Posing is not a "Vain" thing. Calling others vain like Carly Simons is just a way of complaining that you have no talent, and not putting the effort in to look good.

Carly Simons, You're so Vain.

Instead of sitting there and complaining or being jealous, Himal can show you the way to look good in your photos. You do not need to go on a Modeling course, all you need a Himal Posing Guide.

To looks good in photos, it does take hard work and a bit of coaching. Here at Heritance Kandalama, Himal starts his day with the following exercises to ensure he has the right start for the day, and he can look good in photos he is prepared for or even when he is not looking.

Himal Poses, similar to Yoga Poses, will make you look better in Photos.

These are warm up stances that has become a way of life for Himal. If you practice it too, you will also succeed in becoming great in Photos.

Every angle is very important, keep that stance and hold it the and feel the burn!

The stretching everyday will make you flexible and conform to the complex poses that are required for posing.

Do this movements 500 times every morning, and you will look as AWESOME as Himal.

This is just the warm up you need to do every day. Besides that, you need to keep a healthy diet and do lots of butt crunches so that you can look fantastic even from the back.

The following is a Himal Presentation for the 10 basic poses to look good.

View more presentations from Robin Low.

Train hard, and maybe one day... You can Pose like Himal.

Live Well

-- Iron Bowl

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