Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Singtel Incompetence. (Again)

Well, there are too many things to be said about Singtel customer service, and I'm not sure how many phone calls and visits it would take to cancel my account.

I have tried calling in August to cancel the account as I was leaving the country, and they told me that my contract was till August 29th. So I put in instructions to cancel on 29th or 30th.

Guess what, I received the bill in September. So I went down to the Singtel store which told me to call billing at 1688 to inform them. At this point I've already paid for August to September, and I was not interested to pay more. They informed me that everything was settled and BILLING WAS A SEPARATE DEPARTMENT.

Does this mean that I need to go to a separate planet for that to happen? Why should I care if billing was done by a separate person, in a separate country or in a parallel universe. It is the same company, and if I call customer service about cancelling a service, it should be cancelled.

I returned to Singapore yesterday and found yet another Singtel bill. There were several calls made and the bills are still being sent to me after several attempts to cancel my service. There are a lot of additional charges now as a result of the failure to cancel the bill. Why is canceling of service so hard and impossible?

I've had bad experience even in purchasing a phone using a Singtel voucher, but now, the bills are raking up, and my service is still not cancelled. I mean what does a person who subscribe the service need to do to cancel the service, and ensure it is cancelled as told by customer service that they WILL do it but actually fail.

If I'm not paying them anymore, is it my fault that customer service failed to cancel my service? Should I start a YouTube channel and a blog just for cancelling my service?

To anyone who is subscribing a new account, please don't use SingTel, because you cannot unsubscribe and cancel the service, and you have to pay even when you have cancelled and not using the line.

--Iron Bowl

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