Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Commies ate my food!

Went to a Harvard Potluck Dinner and though I met a lot of nice people, I felt that the night was ruined by the Mainland Chinese students in Harvard.

There were many of us Singaporeans cooking, and we had great fun doing it. The food smells good and everyone seemed to enjoy cooking. As it was a potluck, everyone was expected to bring something and help out.

Soon, the food was ready and they were brought out to the common room where we watched a movie and had dinner.

Or at least that was the plan.

For those that helped in cooking, many of us quickly realized that the place was more crowded than before. Many people who was not present to help out seemed to have appeared for food. Most of the Chinese Nationals group amongst themselves and talk amongst themselves. When I introduced myself to them, they promptly smiled and walked away, helping themselves with whatever food was left.

For those who were cooking, there was no food left for them. The people who did not contribute, "helped" eat up all the food. There seemed to be no gratitude as the groups seemed to still stay among themselves. Maybe it is a student thing, but I am a little annoyed.

I'm sorry for inviting my friend Charlie along who got no food as the people who did not contribute ate it all. It was like a swarm of locusts descending on the food, and everything was gone. They came and they left. And did not help out with the cleaning.

Maybe they did not understand the meaning of pot luck, but I am still appalled by their behavior. 

Poor students or not, it was rather poor showing.

I am ashamed to be "Chinese"

--Iron Bowl

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