Monday, December 28, 2009

Upgrade the old apartment buildings.

I'm walking around Boston, and I observed that all the apartments and houses in the area seemed to be built with stairs on their front porch. After viewing many apartments around Allston / Brighton and Boston area, I realized that none, except Hotels and Luxury Apartments.

For the past 3 months, I've also noticed that many people on wheel chairs seemed to live in homes with steps on their front porch and even when they need a wheelchair to move around, they seem to be able to carry their wheel chairs up flights of stairs to the third floor.

I wonder if they needed the wheelchairs for insurance money, or is it a simple scam or are they just too lazy to walk? I've seen a woman driving her car with a handicapped sign on her front mirror, get out on a wheel chair and carry the wheel chair up 3 levels of stairs to her apartment.

I figured that if you can carry a wheelchair up 3 floor, you can walk. I see a lot of Handicapped parking lots and even handicapped accessible buildings. The buses and trains are also handicapped accessible, but why not homes? I reckoned that if you are unable to leave your wheelchair, you probably be living in a home that is also handicapped accessible.

If all the homes that were built 100 years ago, should there be some form of incentive for the Government to give out to rebuild some of these old homes, to:

1) Fit more people, build it up more.
2) Retrofit buildings with more heat efficient systems, (new boilers, heaters, windows)
3) Upgrade electrical systems.
4) Modify existing apartment buildings to make them more elderly accessible.

I believe that USA is also facing an aging population, and having lots of stairs and no elevators in apartments does not make sense. The aging rental apartments in poor maintenance is also a hazard, and there are lots of apartments and houses with 100 year old asbestos filled boilers still around.

There should be a widespread promotion to make buildings more energy efficient and elderly friendly, otherwise, there should be a demand for such building soon.

-- Iron Bowl

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Billion Dollar Athlete.

-- Book by Tiger Woods.

Wow I never realized Golf was a game of life if I had not read the book. There can be many golfers and athletes, but who else made a million dollars.

Unlike other self help books which teaches you self confidence and little other tips which require a lot of luck and tells you to take risks, and eventually you read and forget about it, "Billion Dollar Athlete" explains to you in simple language how a normal person, after understanding the deeper meaning of golf, can actually have what ever they want.

Tiger Woods is an example. He is not particularly big, strong or talented. But the main thing he stood out from every other athlete is, his understanding of Golf and applying it to life. This book explains all the golf terms and teaches how you can apply it to your life.


In introducing the concept of Par in your life, nothing remains the same, they are just on Par. If you strive to get better, you have a birdie, and if you fail a little, you get a bogey With Par, you can set the level you want to be and evaluate your goals, and see if they are attainable, and how well you achieved.

In life like in golf, there are bunkers and water hazards, learning and planning your course to get to the hole is very important. The hole is the goal for many people and mastering the golf strategy does help in getting girls as well. Threesomes are fun in Golf and is a much desired goal for many as well. On the fairways or the clubs, there may be casual water around. Check dimple patterns and fixing divots are also important skills that you can learn from the book. And soon you can improve your stroke in no time and get into your swing.

Many things in life is set, and it is hard to do a mulligan. So you need to decide carefully, when you have wood, do you need Iron. And the most important thing you learn from the book is drive. Drive is a very abstract term, and only when you master it well, then you can become a Billion Dollar Athlete. Tiger has shown from time and again that he can drive ladies crazy and drive the ball further than anyone.

There are times Flagstick get in your way of the Hole, but a well planned and well executed play will make it to your advantage. Play the game of golf in your life, excel and be successful in whatever you do!

- Iron Bowl