Monday, February 01, 2010

Everybody has their own hidden agendas, and with Scott Brown, the centerfold for Cosmopolitan 1982, all the democratic endeavors will probably grind to a halt.

Scott Brown is hot! In fact, in 1982, he was a centerfold for Cosmopolitan But the democrats who assumed that no republican could win in Massachusetts, and with the loads of money spent on advertisement buys on TV, media and even on Google, Youtube and Facebook, Scott Brown managed to pull through and win the Ted Kennedy senate seat.

It is quite sad that I felt that Joe Kennedy, a liberal, made more sense than Martha Coakley and Scott Brown during the debates, and yet he only got like 1 ~ 2% of the votes.

Well I do believe that this election goes to show that if you spend enough $$ on the elections, you will win it even in a democratic state!

-- Iron Bowl

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