Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Safety (or lack thereof) on Escalators


I often see baby strollers, luggage and many other bulky things on escalators, and after seeing a child fall out of a stroller onto the sharp and deadly escalator when mom accidentally let go, I decided to bring my camera out whenever I see a stroller on the escalator.

I don't get why parents would risk their precious children on escalators? Don't they get it, just failing once to hold tight may mean an end to the child? This is not even the same level as putting on seat belts when driving, I could assure you that mishaps happen and it WILL always end in tragedy when someone falls on the escalator.

There are lots of signs on escalator safety, but no one seemed to care. I even saw a trolley on the escalator! Good Grief!

What next, a wheelchair??

When you put your child in danger like this, you are not a good parent!

-- Robin Low

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