Friday, April 02, 2010

LTA woes.

I was at LTA at 10 Sin Ming Drive today, and it was crowded.

All the talk of productivity by the government does not seemed to have any effect here yet. Firstly, there is a large queue at the entrance. Many people who enter get stuck there, even though more than half of them did not need to do so. There were signs to direct people to where they should go, but still, as Singaporeans, they formed a queue and created a huge jam at the entrance.

To register your vehicle, you need the latest printed ACRA information. Even though they can easily access it on their systems, you have to go print one out. I had one printed a year ago but it was not good enough, and I had to print one out for $5. (2 companies so $10 in total). It took me 1.5 hours to get one printed. After paying with your credit card, and transaction goes through, it seemed to take 10 minutes before you can print it. (Seriously, computer systems at ACRA needs to work a lot faster than that)

There seemed to be a lot of complains on "Loss of vehicle." There were at least 4 people complaining about the loss of their vehicles. (Are there so much car thefts?)

A man has lost his 10 year old sports car with a big engine, and wants to claim his road tax which exceeds $6k, and his COE which has 9 years left. However, he claims it has been 3 months and insurance has already agreed to pay and the police closed the case, however, he still cannot get the refunds as the police has not sent the "closed case" information to the LTA yet.

-- Iron Bowl

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