Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sex Workers in Singapore

Budget hotels move in... then sex workers follow

'There wasn't much activity at first, but we see a lot more illicit activities going on these days,' said Mr Ng, 38, of his estate, which is next to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, about 1km from Kovan MRT station.

I'm not sure if this cause is due to the import of our foreign talent. However, I really do feel that the "Sex industry" seemed to have boomed with the increase in population in Singapore.

More tourist, more foreign workers, more foreign students -- more sex workers.

Does it really have to be that way?

I've friends living in the non-red light parts of Geylang, and they have complained that their kids that are in secondary school, aged about 15 years old were approached by sex workers.

In Balestier Road, Korvan, and parts of Serangoon, these sex workers are constantly visible and sometimes touting for customers. They hang outside KTV and "clubs", which in Singapore are actually near your regular housing estates -- at least, near the bus stops where you get off to get home.

I wonder if this is a healthy way for people to learn about sex, since porn is banned in Singapore. Probably the best expert in the industry are these "experienced ladies".

Well, the other thing the news report failed to report is the "sex trade" and "human trafficking". I've spoken to several Mainland Chinese ladies before, and I noticed that one of the ladies whom I used as a model for a photo shoot seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere after the shoot. She was frantic and had several phone calls shortly after and when I dropped her off at an MRT station, I noticed red spots on her thigh.

I'm not really sure, however, this really feels like human trafficking. I really do hope the authorities do take action to prevent this from getting widespread, and not ignore it and pretend that it does not happen in Singapore.

-- Iron Bowl

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