Saturday, May 01, 2010

Citibank AXS Station #FAIL

Citibank AXS Station was supposed to bring convenience to users by allowing them to pay bills, however, due to the increase in prices of everything, my credit card bills have exceeded $2000 every month.

Last month, my Bill came up to $4601, thanks to NTUC insurance which raised it premium from for commercial vehicle $1200+ to $2100 in 14 days. I usually pay my bills using the AXS station, and when the bill exceeds $2000, it gets very annoying as my ATM card has a stupid $2000 limit.

Last month, on my $2300 bill, I paid $2000 and the $300 remaining generated $60 interest fees. WTF? That is 20% per month or 240% interest PA?? I decided to pay it all, however this month, I need to go to the AXS machines 3 times, $2000 - $2000 - $601.

This is a very annoying process and since the price of everything increased more than 50% in the last 3 years, I would suggest that the banks review their ATM limits in Singapore to $3000, as face it, cost of living is much higher now.

-- Iron Bowl

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