Saturday, May 01, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

I made a trip to Marina Bay Sands yesterday on 30 April 2010, the 4th day of opening, and I was very disappointed with transportation to the Casino.

The following are my observations:

The Marina Bay Sands website is annoyingly slow. When I click on the bottom under "Maps and Directions" its shows a Google Map.


The new public bus routes reach many of the major MRT stations in Singapore, making it easier for the public to reach Marina Bay Sands. Please click on this link to see the additional MRT stops beyond Promenade and Marina Bay MRT Stations.

Circle Line (by foot): Exit at Promenade MRT Station and take a 10-minute walk from the station to Bayfront Avenue via the pedestrian footpath adjacent to the public road.

Circle Line (by bus): Exit at Promenade MRT Station and board the public buses (SBS 133, SBS 97, SBS 97e, SMRT 106) from bus stop along Temasek Ave outside the station.

North South Line: Exit at Marina Bay MRT Station and board the public buses (SBS 133, SBS 97, SBS 97e, SMRT 106) from the bus stop outside the station.

North South Line: Exit at Raffles Place MRT Station and board the public bus (SBS 97) at the bus stop opposite Oglivy Centre along Robinson Road or at the bus stop in front of The Sail along Marina Boulevard.

Public Bus

* SBS 97/97e: Jurong East to Marina Square (loop)
* SBS 133: Ang Mo Kio Interchange to The Esplanade, Raffles Avenue (loop)
* SBS 502: Pioneer Road North to Marina Square (loop)
* SBS 518: Pasir Ris to Suntec City (loop)
* SMRT 106: Bukit Batok Interchange to Marina Centre Terminal
* Night-rider service: NR1 and NR6 (Available on Fridays and Saturdays)

I thought, well there are buses to Marina Bay Sands, how nice. However I tried to follow the vague directions and exited at Marina Bay Station. It was horrible. The place was populated with construction workers, heavy vehicles, dust and lots of traffic!

I could not find any bus stop upon exiting, and the foreign workers are not helpful either.

I followed this big sign right outside the Marina Bay MRT Station and it brought me to this bus stop.

As you can see, there is none of the buses as described on the Marina Bay Sands website except 133M, and I waited for more than 45 minutes before the bus arrived. Getting to this bus stop is not easy as well. It is easily a 0.5km walk on narrow walkways with speeding trucks, cyclists, and crowded with foreign workers.

So if you reach this bus stop by following the directions of the sign, you have been deceived!! That is the wrong bus stop! By asking the bus drivers when I got onto 133M, I realized that there was another bus stop across the road, unmarked.

Well if you find a bus stop without any signs and information, guess what, you are maybe at the right bus stop!! There is absolutely no help from the people at the MRT station, and the sign outside the MRT station is misleading. Wow, since Marina Bay Sands is just opened, having more signs would definitely help!

Actually Marina Bay Sands is not too far from Marina Bay MRT station, it is like 2 bus stops away.

I would dissuade you from going to Marina Bay Sands now if you are not going to the Casino as there is still a lot of construction going on, and heavy vehicle and lots of workers. The shopping is not really opened yet, and public transportation there is a mess. Getting on the Taxi would mean you would have to pay ERP and many additional costs when the driver gets lost trying to get there.

With all the profits SMRT and SBS has made, I was really disappointed at the planning and management of this. Since Marina Bay Sands is open, I would assume that the public would be interested in going, and to encourage people to use public transport, should there be more signs displayed and people trained to guide visitors to the right bus stop?

The tourism board also needs to wake up. I'm sure visitors to Singapore would be interested to visit Marina Bay Sands as it is widely advertised as "Opened", but it is very confusing for a Singaporean to get there, let alone a foreign visitor.

This is such a let down.

-- Iron Bowl

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