Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teen Prostitute and Gangs in Balestier

I was in Balestier (Singapore) a while ago for dinner, and I never expected something like this to happen in Singapore.

At 7:30pm, after dinner at Whampoa Market and Hawker Center, I was walking to a bus stop when I saw a very young girl, not even 14 years old buying condoms at a 7-11. I was curious how old the girl was, so I asked her, then a 50+ year old man came and asked if I had a problem.

I commented that she looked a little young to "doing it" and the man somehow got offended and asked me to "take it outside." As I got out of the 7-11, there were several other men approaching me, and I decided that something was not right and I ran off and boarded a bus.

On the bus, I kept thinking if the young girl was being forced or pressured into having sex (I presume) and whether there was anything I could do to help her.

Did I do the right thing by running away?

-- Iron Bowl


Sam said...

Approach The New Paper, maybe they can bust this especially with their undercover journalists

Iron Bowl said...

haha, anything from SPH needs the editor's approval even to follow the story. If it shows Singapore in a bad light, chances are, it will be censored.