Saturday, July 24, 2010

HTC Woes

I was a big fan of HTC, I loved my HTC touch, HTC Tytn II, HTC Diamond, HTC Touch HD

All my HTC phones lasted about 2 years before the screen cracked, but I was pretty pleased with their performance.

Recently, I was participating in a Charity event and I won a HTC Smart, and I was quite glad as my HTC Touch HD 2's screen cracked after 6 months of usage when I stuffed it in my pocket with my camera, and I was thinking of replacing it since.

Though the HTC Smart was a very basic phone powered by BREW MP, I thought that it was a pretty nifty device, although I could not find applications for it.

However, 1 week after I started using the HTC Smart, it was broken. I could not hear anything unless I attach the headphones and mic. Initially I thought it was a software error, but after resetting the phone several times, formatting the phone and restarting it, the problem still remains.

I decided to bring the phone down to the HTC Service Center: HTC Care (Singapore) at 1, HarbourFront Ave, #01-06 Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632.

The location is not too hard to get to, although it is a little more walk from Vivo City. But when I reach there, I was shocked that the service center is just a very very small room, with 2 Staff. And I was there at 11am in the morning.

There is a LARGE crowd of people inside waiting, and when I got my ticket number (for an enquiry) it said 1092, when the staff was serving 1024.

The lack of staff, and long queue was very disturbing, and I returned after 2 hours of shopping and the number was 1049. I waited for while more and on average, the staff served a customer every 15 minutes, and half the customers left because of the long wait.

By almost 5pm, I finally got my turn to talk to customer service. Yes... 6 hours of wait! I asked them if they knew what was wrong with the phone, and when they asked about the receipts and proof of purchase. (Err.. phone was free) They would not touch because it had "no warranty" and told me they can diagnose the problem for a fee.

Hmmm... 6 hours wait... Pay some more for diagnosis. I guess I'll walk to Vivocity and NEVER EVERY BUY HTC AGAIN!

-- Iron Bowl

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