Sunday, August 01, 2010

Anti-Social Foreign people in Singapore

With more than 50 people in the queue, 2 Young Chinese Nationals pretended not to understand English, and even "Singaporean Mandarin" and refused to move forward at the bus interchange.

The queue was very long, and they remained blocking the queue as there is a "flaw" in the design where people can choose not to walk around the barriers, and take the Short Cut.

The result is a lot of people standing instead of moving into the barriers where older people can sit down, and the long queue casing quite a blockage at the bus interchange.

But this occurrence is rather common, as I've seen a lot of young students doing it, however when people approach the students and ask them to move, generally, most students or people in general will do so.

This is not the case today however, as the 2 young ladies ignored more than 4 people who approached them and told them to move forward.

On the bus, a group of young ladies from China stood in the center of the bus, making it very difficult for people to get by. Although they were not sitting, they managed to block many seats and prevented many people from sitting, and when the bus driver tells them to move, they refused and the bus drive had to get off the bus to approach them physically to tell them to allow others to get by and sit.

They give foreigners a bad name!

-- Iron Bowl

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