Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Interacting with some Singapore Agencies.

Govt: Can you teach these people about ebusiness?
Me: Do they really want to get into ebusiness?
Govt: Not really, but we've decided that it is best for them.
Me: WTF?

I gave a talk for an event, and wrote an article for them to pitch to the news as a feedback to them.

Here is the Reply:

Thanks for the piece.

Could you mention a bit more on the event, how it benefited you and what you have learn from it. Could you also mention how easy it was to work with us, and how well we facilitated your efforts.

And thanks for coming to the talk, nice working with you.


It is important to ask questions when you volunteer in Singapore, I found that it usually is a waste of time if you volunteer your time for people "WHO ARE FORCED" to attend some events.

I surely hope things change around here.

-- Iron bowl

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