Tuesday, August 31, 2010

National Day Rally -- $9,000 for NS men (Singapore)

I was quite unhappy when the Prime Minister decides to give "$9000 to NSmen" for their contribution, and expect us to take it like everything shoved in our faces.

I don't understand why by serving National Service, the government does not pay Market Rate for all deserving salaries. (Or at least give it back as CPF to be used for the further education or to buy house)

I do agree that it is 2 prime years of my life, which in most cases, a great loss of salary, advancement, and when you enter the universities, you are simply 2yrs + older than everyone else.

I think the amount is not enough. I remember receiving $300+ during my NS days which could not even cover cab fares and perhaps laundry. If actual salary should be $2000 for regulars, then why short change NSmen? Do they not have the same risks of accidents, getting shot, blown up or getting hurt?

When NSmen fall do they not bleed like Regulars? Just because its conscription? Years back was 2.5 yrs and if you multiply $1.5 by 30 months, its much more than $9000.

I just don't see the role of the army as that important now. The US army, perhaps one of the most advanced army with lots of soldiers still got attacked don't they?

Its terrorists that we should worry about, and having a big army does not help at all. What we need is dedicated people not NSmen. Highly trained response teams, emergency people and decisive leaders to deliver us from situations when it happens.

I don't buy the $9000 crap, gimme $50k, or can I give $50k and not have my son go army?

-- Iron Bowl

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