Thursday, August 05, 2010

Worst MRT Train Ride Ever! (Singapore)

Previously, I thought failing to get on 4 trains was bad -- I was wrong!

This is what happened earlier today.

I got on a pretty packed train in Bugis and got off to change a train at City Hall.

Failing to get on 2 trains, I managed to get on the third train just after 6 minutes after the first train. Not bad at all. However, this train seemed to be a little empty... No... WRONG. There are 6 strollers in this carriage. As streams of people poured in, the train moved off.

Briefly before Dhoby Ghaut, (within 2 minutes) the train stopped and of course, a baby started to cry. The airconditioning seemed to be not working and the train became stuffy FAST.

Surrounding the babies in the strollers were a group A. From about 3m (3 baby strollers) away, I could still smell Group A and I guess the babies could too. 2 minutes later, the train moved again and reach Dhoby Ghaut, However, the train doors did not open, and Group B who were chatting loudly were getting impatient.

One of them shouted out, "按门铃!" ("Press the doorbell!") and moments later, there was an announcement, "Train will be delayed as the emergency button has been pushed."


It was during peak hours, and they have to pull off such a stunt. It took a few more minutes in the stuffy and smelly train now, before the doors opened.

By now, people are forcing their way in to the trains, the Group B by the doors refused to move out, and the train door opened and closed many times before finally closing and moving off.

Stop after stop, people are forcing their way into the train, and people are squeezing their way out, making their way past the baby strollers and Group B who are now playing games on their PSPs and phones loudly near the door. The baby is still crying, and many people could not get into the train.

There are actually more and more space around me as people get off, however no one wants to be near the Indians, and maneuvering around the Group B who do not budge is a great challenge.

Eventually, the train arrived in Toa Payoh, and I had to fight my way through the Group A and Group B to get off.

My whole trip from Bugis to Toa Payoh usually takes about 20 minutes, but my trip ended up to be like 1 hour!


I believe this will not happen if:

1) Baby Stroller are banned from MRT during peak hours. (They take up too much space!)
2) Train doors open on alternate side, so that even when people stand at the doors and block the entrance and exits, they are annoying only half of the time.
3) People are more considerate. Come on, don't block the doorways.
4) Singaporean Aunties do not rush to get in the trains, and prevent others from getting out.
5) People who have body odors should use deodorant.

-- Iron Bowl


Jared said...

this is slightly racist.... "the indians are smelly and the chinese misunderstand technology" (pls note that was a summary of the article)... could you not just say "group 1" and "group 2"

Iron Bowl said...

Edited to be more sensitive to the insensitive people

toph-temari-jessy said...

Is this a criticism blog?
You know when I read this blog including loads of the older comments,that was my PREDICTION.
Singapore is improving just like America and the other countries.At first I was gonna give you a NICE comment but after reading on,I don't think so.
Our country is still a red dot but it is not so pathetic as you had suggested.
No offence but,really you could just talk about other stuff on your blog.