Wednesday, August 04, 2010

YOG Tickets?

I got a phone call to buy YOG Tickets.

Q: Are you Robin Low?
Me: Yes.
Q: Do you support your country?
Me: Maybe.
Q: Do you want to buy YOG Tickets?
Me. No.
Q: Why don't you like your country?
Me: I'll be in Boston.
Q: Boston where?
Me: Boston, Massachusetts.
Q: Boston still can come what.
Me: Boston is in the US on the East Coast.
Q: Then can still buy for friends and family right?
Me: They are all working, no time to see children in sports.

It went on, and I finally had to go.

Cold calls to sell YOG Tickets... Really?

-- Iron Bowl


DK said...

But you must really give credits to the telemarketer for being different. Hahahahaha.....

Didn't know YOG got telemarketers too. That is interesting

Iron Bowl said...

Pretty persistent too, I would have broken down if she continued with a barrage of stupid questions!