Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tablet Wars

There is going to be a tablet war... And blood will hit the streets soon.

Looking at the various OS, I can see Windows 8, Apple OS, and Andriod systems on them, and even from before the iPad launch, there are already many good tablets on the market.

Motion's J3400 rugged tablet PC boasts dual batteries, outdoor display. This tablet looks pretty solid, and as with many other tech products, it becomes obsolete pretty fast when Andriod 2.2 tablets and the iPad is launched.

I was actually interested in Archos 5, but when I searched more, I discovered tons of Chinese Andriod tablets out, many of them very very cheap, and with decent specs.

Samsung on the other hand has one that is very pretty, and very good specs. However, it seemed a little overpriced to me.

At US$1000, it is pretty much overpriced compared to Archos 5 160 GB at US$310.

In fact, with the Dells and large China manufacturers coming into the market, I would say that the tablet market would make tablets very cheap, and I've seen some going for US$150 for 8GB with Android 2.2 OS.

Although I know that the iPad, made by Foxconn is responsible for the suicides, with child labor and long working hours, it is very hard for me to pay more than $500 for a tablet, and the choices are simply mindboggling.

GPS, Camera, memory, Hard disk, battery life, 3G, Wifi, bluetooth, USB ports, memory ports... Too many things to consider makes shopping for tablet hard.

In this tablet war, I guess the consumers may win in terms of price and choice, but for the manufacturers, I am not sure if anyone could be a winner.

-- Iron Bowl

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