Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waste of Electricity in Toa Payoh.

I have no idea what they are celebrating, but this is the back of a carpark in Toa Payoh, which seemed to be lit up for god knows how long.

I know of a few friends who light up their homes during Christmas, but not SO MANY TREES in the neighborhood. LED Lights when used to highlight a shape or design a pattern, can make landscape look interesting, however, when you just have too much of it, I find it rather offensive, and a waste of energy.

Remember, this is just a carpark, where not a lot of people walk to as there is a HUGE HDB Hub carpark in Toa Payoh Central. Why the lights??

In Toa Payoh Central, there are also a lot of lights along the street on both sides. Clearly, too much that it makes the street ugly. Well National Day is over, are you going to leave the lights on till New Year?

In fact I can't remember a time this year that I've not seen the lights not being on at night.

-- IronBowl

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