Monday, October 11, 2010

What Grinds my Gears!

With the increased in population, the Public Transportation in Singapore is constantly running at "FULL CAPACITY" Even when they say that trains will run at a 2 minute interval, I was shocked to see the trains run at 1 min / 6 min during 6pm today, and as I have thought, I could not get on -- BOTH TRAINS.

It is very simple to say, that the people in the country is not ready to deal with the additional crush of immigrants and tourists. There are also many inconsiderate people adding to the problem.

The following are things that piss me off.

1) People on their phones, or playing games while at the doors of the MRT trains.

These people like to crowd around the doors of the trains, preventing people from getting in and out of the Train and pretending that there is no one around them -- even though they are in the way of most people.

2) People with Baby Strollers.

Going up and down the escalators endanger your kid. Why the hell do you need to bring your kid out and take the MRT during peak hours? Strollers take up so much space, and when inconsiderate people block the entrances and exits, it just gets infuriating.

3) People who sit on the floor of the MRT Trains.

Yes, some of the trains do not have seats. Sitting on the floor!!! The reason why these trains do not have seats is because they want to pack more people. Sitting on the floor takes up so much space!

4) People blocking entrances of the Train.

I could say that a lot of new immigrants, domestic maids and "Kiasu Aunties" fall under this category of NEEDING TO ENTER THE TRAIN BEFORE PEOPLE COME OUT.

Singapore would be a nice place if everyone just show a little more Graciousness.

-- Iron Bowl

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