Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wonderful Planning Work.

I was away from Toa Payoh for a bit and I noticed new "Block" signs which light up at night getting installed. It felt like a good idea, perhaps to help people navigate at night, however, I realized that there seemed to be 2 lighted signs on every point block.

After searching around for some of them in the day, I realized that for most blocks in Toa Payoh Blk 81 area, there is one sign visible and the other sign hidden. I do understand that with 2 signs, you can get a coverage of every block and view it from many different angles, however I really doubt if the person that came out with the idea, really going down to check what was happening on the ground.

I realized that 1 sign was always blocked and HIDDEN from view, yet it continues to light up at night. When I highlighted it to the town council in a friendly phone call, the response was, "NOT MY PROBLEM, CALL HDB" And this is a wayyyyy overused excuse.

It brought me to recall my previous interactions with the POLICE here in Singapore.

1) When I pointed out that there is a car without license plate parking around the corner to a few policemen in a patrol car, they informed me that it is LTA's problem, and not their problem.

2) When I pointed out to a policeman by the road that there are a few "Weekend plate" cars driving without a permit in the wrong direction on the road, they told me that it is the responsibility of the traffic police.

Back to the lighted signboards. I do not understand why the planning for such "Upgrading" us always so "Perfect" and when the new lighted block signages are up, they decided to paint the block.

It is lucky as the plastic for the board on Blk 81 is still there, and they could take it off after painting, but for the other blocks, they need to paint around the signboards and ensure paint does not drip on them. (if they do not get painted over)

Would it not be easier to paint over the blocks then install the signboards?

Is it that difficult for the people who propose the location of the new signages come and look at what is really happening on the ground?

These problems will always exist when you have public servants working for HIGH salary, and not because they are passionate to serve.

-- Iron Bowl

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