Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The annoying Singapore SMRT Jingle

You probably have heard it, and it is really getting old and annoying.

In fact, I kinda loathe the Dim Sum Dollies now.

This is the original Jingle

I've asked many people if they can tell me what the jingle is about and they probably got this one right.

"Lain is coming, lain is coming, lain is cominggg. Gets starts queuing. Love and ride." Said a 48 year old lady.

"Train is coming, Train is coming, Train is comingggg. Keep it coming.. Lose your life." says my 70 year old mom.

Pretty close to the jingle I guess, the meaning is there.

Then the second Jingle.

"Inside, inside, inside, insideeeee... You can be smooth inside. Love your rice."
Said a 50 year old man when I asked him what he heard.

-- HAHA.

The third Jingle (end of the video)

"Give up, giddy up, gimme your shit. To those who eat... Love and ride. *ding dong*" Said a 10 year old boy living in my HDB block.

I don't think he got the message at all.

Anyway, What was the message if people can't understand the jingle at all, what do you hear?

-- Iron Bowl


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hosandra1 said...

wahaha singlist culturoal!!!