Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Government Controlled Media

When a foreign newspaper reports something negative about Singapore, I do not understand why there is a defensive behavior to justify things that does not need justification.

Child-porn owning student an MOE scholar

"Singaporean Jonathan Wong, a third-year history major at the University of York, pleaded guilty on Monday to 17 charges of owning child pornography videos since July 2008. "

When the news came out in the UK and later in the US, there was an initial denial that this Singaporean is a prestigious scholar from the ministry of education in Singapore -- a man that would mould young minds. However, when enough facts surfaced, somehow the local newspapers (or the government) felt that they had to do something, and this crappy article appeared on the Newspapers today.

How to tell if someone is into child pornography

Spending an excessive amount of time online and being evasive about one's activities are some tell-tale signs that a person could be indulging in child pornography, according to psychiatrists whom MediaCorp spoke to.

Schoolteachers who notice behavioural changes, such as an outgoing character becoming withdrawn, should inform the child's parents immediately, as these could be warning signs, said the medical director of The Psychological Wellness Centre, Dr Nelson Lee.

Dr Lee said that past childhood experiences or being involved with peers who normalise child pornography could result in a person seeking pleasure from watching such videos.

Psychological intervention is important to ensure the person recovers from such problems, experts said.

Senior consultant psychiatrist Parvathy Pathy at the Institute of Mental Health said that a patient's unfulfilled needs, which may manifest in addictions, must be addressed and other underlying issues must also be treated.

"It's however not easy to detect symptoms as most people keep such behaviour private and are able to compartmentalise their lives very well that they act normally on a daily basis," said senior consultant and psychiatrist Ken Ung of the Adam Road Medical Centre.

Psychometric tests during scholarship selection processes will also not be able to detect these behavioural issues, he added. NG JING YNG

Wow, seriously, this is one of the worst articles I've read on the news -- ever!

-- Iron Bowl

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