Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republic Poly

I was chatting with some "executives" of departments at RP and I received several comments.

"The students here are those who cannot get into other poly or university, we teach time life skills in a problem solving way, they are not capable of critical thinking."

"80% of the students who come here will go directly to work, and have no chance for university."

"Students here are not motivated, and they are not going to be the same level as other tertiary institutions."

"We give them life skills, and things need to be taught to them slowly, that is why a short course that last 2 weeks in other institutions will take 15 weeks to teach here."

I don't understand, why are these people looking down on their students?

Didn't the government say that Polytechnic is another way of getting into the university? Are they give the same opportunity or even a chance?

I feel that if the lessons are engaging, motivating the students would not be a problem. If you try to force information down their throats, they may probably fail, but since this is a problem based learning institution, shouldn't they do well?

I'm quite disappointed at some departments and their mindset, and I surely do hope that I misinterpreted them.

-- Iron Bowl


horus1818 said...

I know a number of Republic Polytechnic academic staff members too but that is not the impression I get. They seem really caring about the well being of the students and always providing them with a good educational experience. I believe there are many people who truly believe in Republic Polytechnic. I am one of them. :)

Iron Bowl said...

I really hope you are right, I've a few passionate friends teaching there too.

However my one off experience there talking to some RP executives in campus troubles me.