Monday, February 21, 2011

Geylang -- Vice City

Was in Geylang to get dinner with some friends, and we walked around after dinner for some night shots on a slow night.

I saw lots of prostitutes on the streets near Aljunied Road towards Lor 18, and was walking by to later check out some Durians.

The human traffic checking out SEX in the area is pretty insane as well. To get by, you need to walk on the roads. We saw a lady who was quite pretty, and we wanted to know if she had modeling experience and we chatted for a few minutes, and a few men came over and asked us to pay $20 for wasting her time.

Geez... $20? Then a knife was shown, and before it escalates to a gun, we paid $20 and walked away.

You can't chat with the lady for a business proposal to use her as a model later?

I suppose that if you are in Geylang, you are only good for sex...

-- Ironbowl

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