Sunday, February 20, 2011

Traditional Chinese Wedding.

The more I go to Chinese Weddings, the more disappointed I am.

I wonder if this is a "custom" thing or is it really necessary.

I was at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore for a Lunch Wedding reception today, and I would like to comment on a few things which seems to bother me.

1) This is one of the few restaurants I've been to where which does the really annoying dimming of lights before the first dish arrives. The hall is completely dark, and I find it rather annoying to wait in a dark room for 30 minutes - 1 hour before lunch is served. There is also a large curtain preventing light from coming in, so this was totally unnecessary.

2) The red wine is SOUR. I've not had such bad wine before, and yet the people at the table brag about being able to tell good wine from bad and traveling experiences. I did 100k miles last year, and I don't feel the need to compete with the people at the table.

3) Seems like in Chinese Wedding dinners, people are there to brag about their sons and daughters. I told my mom not to participate as the bragging seemed to be more and more exaggerated as the time pass by. Most other tables seem to participate.

4) There is nothing emotional about most of these marriages, mostly just showing relatives how successful the couple is and it feels like a business partnership / transaction. It just happens.

5) The food and service is bad, yet everyone is too nice to voice out. When the chicken is tasteless and a tad under-cooked, the shrimp and abalone has "strong seafood smell" The staff clears off your plate before you finish your food, and does not give you a new plate until slightly before the new dish. Food and Service -- POOR.

There is much more to complain, and after going to so many Dhinese wedding receptions, I reckoned that the "YUM SENG" Portion is totally unnecessary, and most people are not interested.

The lavish spending on "expensive menu" with bad food and service does not make your marriage more successful. (About 50% of the people I know are divorced now)

In my opinion, have a simple dinner with friends and family separately is good enough, it saves money, time, preparation, and the SHARKS.

Save your money, and go for a great Honeymoon!


P.S. I did not eat my bowl of sharks' fin today.

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