Monday, March 07, 2011

bicycle dangers in Singapore

I have recently heard my friend hitting a cyclist who was wearing black and traveling in the opposite direction of a dark road.

I have also witnessed today several cyclists, all looked like foreign workers, cycling without lights, reflectors or other kinds of safety devices to get the attention of the driver, on Thompson road in the opposite direction.

In a bad incident, a driver also hit an old cyclist in Toa Payoh, and the old cyclist did not have any safety gear, or even a bell on his bicycle, and again, he was in the wrong direction on the road and wearing dark colored clothes.

All of the accidents can be avoided.

Another thing that irks me a lot -- cyclists at roadworks. When the roads are already congested during peak hours, when the cyclists without safety gear get into the bus lanes, it also seemed like no other motorists give them any margin, and I feel that it is indeed very dangerous to cycle in Singapore even when you follow safety rules.

Singapore is not a bicycle friendly city.

-- Iron Bowl

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