Friday, March 11, 2011

Solution to problems: increase cost.

This seems to be a common answer to Singapore's problem.

1) Increase cost!

Too many cars on the road: ERP

2) Reduce COE issued after issuing too many:

Drastic reduce to increase cost.

3) Not enough HDB for newly weds:

Create more $$$$ HDB flats, which are far less affordable.

4) Not enough parking at HDB flats at night:

Double Night Parking Rates At HDB And URA Carparks.

5) Too little free parking at East Coast:

Charge for parking.

The measures works for a few days, and where do you expect people to park when they have a car? So they still pay the increase costs to park, drive and create jams.

What do they government expect?

If its a great plan to increase revenue... It really works, to solve the present problem at hand... Not very much.

-- Iron Bowl

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