Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The birds are angry.

Angry Birds at Ishinomaki

They seem to dislike us, and every video we have on Youtube, we just get dislikes, and so we stopped allowing feedback. What is there to listen to anyway? They are just stupid birds.

You see, we have build up an empire of tall structures, and we govern the birds. Look at our self made crown... Ain't it nice?

We do everything for them, we think for them, and plan for them, and we deserve all of these, from the high salary to the respect we should get on the street.

Some me think we have taken away their nest eggs and they are now coming after us in full force. Even the newspapers we control are getting attack by the vicious remarks of truths -- oh the hard truths.

We think the birds cannot save, so we plan this scheme to save for them, and by making the pigeon holes really expensive, they will have no choice but to work and work so they can have less time to think. The expensive pigeon holes is such a benefit to everyone. The birds who own the pigeon holes can easily be millionaire.

If the bird cannot afford the pigeon holes, it means they are lazy and need to work more. There is no poor birds in Singapore, just lazy ones.

Some birds may think we do not connect with the people as we do not take common transport or live in pigeon holes, but when you earn millions, why live like the common bird?

After doing so much for them, like thinking for them and helping to spend their resources, they are attacking us now, breaking down our media and attacking us online. That is so rude!

It has also came to my attention that some pigs are bringing TNT into the glass building... WHY!! You think you can attack the birds but you put us more in danger with the TNT!

The birds like to go on holiday, and they got lots of money to spend what, so the increase in costs of living only makes more GDP and more pigs like us benefit right? More GDP = higher salary, so simple, great plan too! (all us pigs will agree)

Please birds, for your own good, don't attack us. When the building comes down, we will all be hurt.

-- Head Pig.

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