Friday, May 06, 2011

Election Day.

I headed to the polling station at 7am to try to be the first one in line, because I did not sleep and took my friend's suggestion to get my Apparel, "White shirt, White Pants" at Mustafa, I arrived slightly after 7am, and the place was crowded.

I met Mr Chiam, who was in the polling area shaking hands with EVERYONE, even me -- in Opposition colors. The line was long, and the staff organizing the queues were very disorganized. People still brought strollers and children and complained at the gates, despite all the warnings and caution on TV.

My mom wants to come vote as well, and I decided to return home come vote with mom. I arrived back at Polling station at 8am and shook hands with Mr Chiam again. Wow, is he going to be there all day shaking hands? Where are the other PAP fellas? Are they not awake yet?

Well, the queue system and the calling of your name and serial number felt like you are Jew in a Nazi camp, where you get a number and then get on a train to build the railroad. The process is very fast at that point. MARK an X beside SPP and put the ballot in the box. Apparently the box is a cardboard carton, which I felt, can be easily printed and reproduced.

Well, if you do not make your presence felt, who will vote for you PAP?

Perhaps they are at the other polling station, and I might be wrong. But nonetheless, this was my first voting experience in 30++ years, and being at the voting area twice made me feel like I've voted twice.


-- Iron Bowl

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