Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PAP tools

There are a lot of tools in Singapore.

To YPAP, Xiaxue and the other tools out there.

Why be so defensive and talk about how great LKY is?
Why talk about respecting the man?

Every mentally disabled person understand and does respect LKY for transforming Singapore to what it is today. There is no doubt he is feared for what he does. But the Singapore elections is about what can he and his party do for Singaporean?

Being the father of Singapore, there is an arrogance and a sort of feeling of superiority, and "I deserve it" and "you're stupid." You can say that he deserves it, but really, when you are supposed to be the "father" of Singapore, should you leave it all to your own family or to Singaporeans.

Hard truths... Why would LHL apologize if he did not knew that some of the comments were wrong?

This is one of the few times I accidentally clicked on Xiaxue's blog and wow, is she a tool. Not a brainwashed robot, a tool! (Perhaps she is paid like always to blog about random stuff, and since she is paid, why would people still trust her opinions?)

NOT an advertorial Pretty much you fail if you have to say that...

1) Everybody's ANGRY

Watching the rallies of the opposition really annoys me. Hearing people cheer as the PAP are being blamed from the flash floods to Mat Selamat to housing prices to foreign talents in Singapore...

Seriously, people are so full of anger and indignance that I'm sure if someone yelled "KILL THE PAP!!!111" the crowd will respond with a loud cheer.

It is ridiculous. People are all angry over SOMETHING in their lives. Be it that buying a HDB used up all their savings or that they are losing hair... It is so convenient please, to vent all that frustration of your unhappiness on your government - the PAP!

The reason why people are angry is because they deserve to be angry.

1) no floods in Orchard road before the barrage and closed drains
2) Mas Selemat escape -- the most dangerous man who wants to bomb Changni Airport? And Wong Kan Seng just discounted it and say, its not my problem?
3) HDB prices? hitting close to 1 million!! HDB is public housing, why must it cost more than $200k when it costs $120k to build? If someone is exploiting the system and becoming rich, why should you not be angry?

When you do not get to vote for the past "god knows how long", the PAP has became complacent, and in the past 5 years, after increasing GST and their salaries, creating a HUGE income gap between the rich and the poor.

The PAP are in power, and they are in charge of policies that affect your lives. When you are suffering and they keep a deaf ear, it is a problem!

People always yakking about how PAP doesn't help the poor...

Because this is true. LKY does not believe in handouts, but sometimes it is about safety nets. The workfare failed.. workfare plus plus?? There are people running private schools making lots of money, and random old ladies who put names to get CPF signing up for courses but do not work at all. It is just a scam to get that the government dishes out. Are people really benefiting from this crap?

If the income gap is increasing, I am sure that if the rich are not helping, they should be taxed in some way for luxuries so that the poor does not get left out.

EXCUSE ME? THE ROOF FLY TO ABOVE HER HEAD BY ITSELF AH? Must give her roof must provide food everyday... Must help her wipe her ass or not?

I'm not saying we shouldn't help the poor. We should. But everything needs to be in balance. To say that the rich and able should constantly be giving to the poor, needy or lazy is a childish idealistic notion that simply won't work. We must simply accept that some people suffer in life - we can try to limit it, but we cannot eradicate it.


Excuse me? WHY? Who is stopping you from being a hardworking student, getting a scholarship, and becoming minister yourself? Who is stopping you from setting up your own business after saving up money from doing several jobs? YOU THINK ALL THESE PEOPLE DIDN'T WORK HARD?

You want to blame, you blame yourself. Don't think just because you are faring worse than others everyone else has to contribute to a better livelihood for you? FUCK THAT. You know what is COMMUNISM not?

You want cheapo HDB flats... Singapore's land is so limited, HOW CHEAP YOU WANT? You think what? HDB grow like mushroom? All you need is soil, sunshine, water and some love? NO LEH A LOT OF BANGALA NEEDED TO BUILD THEM!

I'm not rich myself ok? Mike and I barely have enough to pay the downpayment for a HDB. But I don't expect the government to give me money or lower the prices leh... Why should they? I refuse to take any blogshop ads. I lazy to blog more. I can't be bothered to source out more advertisers. I spend my money on shoes and bags. SO LIKE THAT LAH! Either be contented or blame yourself!

I don't like the prices here... Move out lor!

And if the government should help you because you can't help being sickly or disabled - it is a PRIVILEGE. NOT A GIVEN.

When people feel it is ok to exploit another human, and hitting a maid is ok because you pay their salary, then something is really wrong.

When the laws benefit the rich and affect the poor, it is a problem for the government to fix because can you refuse to pay tax because you are poor? -- NO!

Wait, for tools and the mentally slow, let me break it down.

GST taxes everyone, rich and poor -- for everything. If GST can be changed to not include public transportation, food and other necessities, hawkers need not need to charge $0.50 more for the $0.10 price increase. Necessities need not be taxed. Don't people understand it takes money to give money, and POSB is making serious $$$ form giving money. Why can't the tax minister plan taxes better? Why can't Vivian handle a budget? They are freakin' highly paid ministers that are top brains??

You don't want Tin Pei Ling as your MP, but you want ABDUL SALIM HARUN??

Abdul Harun - Education: Woodlands Secondary School, ITE, Part-time Diploma in RETAIL MANAGEMENT. Works as a warehouse assistant.

Pros: ???? Represents blue-collared workers - quoted from NSP's page.

Cons: Cannot even lead in a warehouse want to lead the country. Education unimpressive. Blog shows he cannot write proper English and uses words like "our belove Singapore".

I don't understand bitches that dis the regular man. I want someone who represents Singaporeans, and if the majority of Singaporeans are still Diploma holders, I want a diploma holder to represent them. People without degrees are not stupid, they just do not have degrees. People who have blonde hair are not ang mo.. Don't fucking hao lian because you type in engrish.

Why is the comparison merit based? Don't be a tool, a paper does not decide how good you are serving people.

Look, everyone knows George Yeo is the shit. Just ask yourself this question, why is he not PM? Is there something wrong with the fucking system?

For those of you in Aljunied GRC - please consider this before voting: If Workers' Party wins, we, as a nation, loses George Yeo as a minister.

He can no longer be part of parliament OR cabinet. As for the opposition supporters saying he should run for Presidency... Don't get taken in. Being President holds very different duties from what GY is accustomed to doing and is doing well.

Is it better to have 5 Workers' Party members merely in parliament or is it better to have a Minister representing your voice up in the cabinet?

You want to be heard - George Yeo is listening.

So think carefully before you vote! The elections are happening not for you to stamp your feet like a child and vent your frustrations on that piece of paper. Vote the party that will move our nation forward, and not the one that tempts you with unrealistic ideologies that might ruin everything we have built for years.

I'm not trying to tell you who to vote for. Ok I kinda am. But I fear a bleak future for our nation should the PAP topple. And don't say it won't! My god the day we have a coalition government our country will go to the dogs.

This is the problem cause by who? GRC system is created by?
Country is run by civil servants, when political parities change, country still around. Why promote fear?

This election is to get Singaporeans to wake up, and indeed, many of them do. Just some are still too scared and do not act.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

If George Yeo did not stand up to the man, and kept quiet.
Sad to see him go by oh well.
Life will still go on.

-- Iron Bowl

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