Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fun Pack Song FAIL

ORGANISERS of this year's National Day Parade (NDP) may have flouted copyright laws after they modified the lyrics of a Lady Gaga hit to create a song about its goodie bag, said lawyers on Wednesday.

The Fun Pack Song rips off Lady Gaga's Bad Romance by using the tune but substituting lyrics that celebrate the items inside the pack such as Newater, biscuits and sweets.


Why are so many incompetent people in charge of organizing the National day Parade?

Watch this Video on Youtube.

If you look carefully, there are many other songs which

1) no one asked permission to use an original song, and change the lyrics into something really stupid.
2) "Bad Romanace" is not the only song parodied.

I mean parodies can be fun but for National Day.. Really?

There is double fail as the songs lately for National Day is largely lame and the failure to comply to copyright laws. This is really troubling as the person in charge is simply incompetent, however, he is probably a scholar with a high position who thinks it is all "ok"

-- Iron Bowl

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