Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singapore Slums.

No, this is not a Kampung, but rather slums found in Singapore.

Although there are a lot of homeless people in Singapore, these homes are generally made by foreigners. Shortly after Singapore took over the KTM land, enforcement officers patrol the area to chase the inhabitants away.

There are also a lot of other urban slums. I visited some foreign friends living in apartments in Geylang area, HDB flats in Sembawang and Seng Kang area, for a 1000 sq ft 5 room apartment, up to 14 people can stay there.

No, these are not your laborers, but rather, your Engineers from China, India and even Malaysia who feel that housing is too expensive here. With the combined buying power of 14, they can pay S$3000 for a whole apartment with airconditioning, etc.

Well, these "transient workers" can endure it because they expect to work for a few year, earn some $$ and leave. But where does it leave Singaporeans? Can we pay S$3000 for an apartment when we cannot public housing? Who can we turn to to help us? If inflation is too high and public transportation unaffordable, can we march on the streets to protest?

-- Iron Bowl

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