Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I was pretty impressed with the Nation wide organization of Beijing Olympics. It was one of the glorious points of China's history as normal citizens attempts to learn English, clean up the vice (pirated DVDs) enhance food safety, and reduce traffic congestion.

Chinese solid gold Olympic mascots begin to rust

As I collect coins, notes and other commemorative items, I wanted to get these coins, however I did not get the chance to buy them. But it turns out that it was not a good deal after all.

Of all my silver and gold coins that I collected, I've never seen any one of them tarnish, or rust. In basic science, Gold is one of the least reactive metals, and it is hard to have gold tarnish, let alone rust.

"99.9 per cent" fine gold -- The certificate described the mascots as being made of "99.9 per cent fine gold" with a limited circulation of 10,000 pieces...The manufacturer of the mascots, the Shenzhen Eastern Gold Jade Co. said that it had no plans to offer refunds, offering instead to repair any rust-spots which it put down to flaws in its 'electro-gilding' technology.

With today's gold price, it was indeed a double blow to the buyers. With rust spots found on the gold, this tarnishes China's reputation which they have been trying hard to improve, however greed prevails, and there is still much short term mentality present in China.

-- Iron Bowl.

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