Thursday, November 10, 2011

They are here too!

I was at the Fenway catching a free movie -- Immortals. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the movie and there was already a long queue. Right in front of me was a Chinese girl, possibly a student in Boston. As time go by, she took off her jacket and she smelled like a HOBO! WTF, she was covered with branded clothes, and apparently China has not discovered the power of washing detergent?

Nevermind that, she invited every person from China into the line in front of everyone else. She practically got more than 10 people into the queue by herself, and she started speaking Shanghai-ese and Mandarin and thought I did not understand as I was chatting with another pretty Vietnamese lady in the queue in non-heavy-chinese-accented English.

The Chinese group was fresh off the boat, their English was horrible and they kept complaining about how the Fenway Cinema was inferior to their movie theaters in (國內 - domestic) China. They later commented about how poor people should not be allowed in the cinema. I was kinda angry then as they smelled more than another unshaven black guy in the queue.

They were sitting in the theater a row in front of me and proceeded to use their phones before the movie. They continued to reserve more seats and finally had to give up the reserve seats as the theater was FULL. They then proceeded to comment on how the seats were uncomfortable and how China was more advanced and economically powerful compared to the US.

During the movie, a few of their phones went off and they actually were chatting on the phone and was "shhhhh!" by a lot of people. This made me feel ashamed to be classified under "Chinese" on my birth certificate. The first China lady I met was on the phone a total of 7 times in the movie and she did not turn off her ringer despite getting "shhhhh!" LADY, DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?

I now understand why Chinese families do not want to have daughters.

If my daughter were to be like that, I'd have her aborted too.

-- Iron Bowl.

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