Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singapore Press Holdings website steals from Red Sports

Yes, this is from and I want to highlight to you.

SPH is the company that publishes most of Singapore’s newspapers, like The Straits Times, The New Paper and Lianhe Zaobao. It reported $1.3 billion in topline revenue for the financial year 2008.


"(UPDATE ON 11 AUGUST 2009 10.56AM – We noticed that the picture has just been removed from the website. But you can see the evidence in the screen shot below.)"

As if taking the picture isn’t bad enough, they covered their tracks by cropping off the copyright watermark – “© REDSPORTS.SG” – from the bottom right of the picture. They gave information about the date of the picture, the context of the picture but – oh, my! – failed to mention where the picture came from.

What part of “© REDSPORTS.SG” did they not understand? (© is the universally accepted symbol that stands for copyright)

The photo was taken by Marvin Lowe, a Red Sports volunteer, who confirmed that Omy did not at any time seek his permission to use the photo. Neither did they ask us. We would have rejected them outright because of the intended use of the photo.

This is a major embarrassment when SPH and Yahoo is in the midst of a lawsuit on copyright infringement.

And not surprisingly, Google, Yahoo and many other search engines will show the countersue from Yahoo if you actually bother to search it online.

I feel that what is more embarrassing is the fact that they try to cover up and pretend nothing has happened.

What other news or reports have you made mistake on and try to cover up?

-- Iron Bowl

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taxi fare increase, Train down.

Comfort Delgro has just increased the fares.

Singapore Taxi Fare Increase Table

Officially, cost of living has increased a lot, there are a lot of other fare hikes and the economy is not doing well in Singapore.

So after the fare increase, the train broke down on 15 December.

North-South MRT Line breakdown hits thousands

Peak hour break down, no contingency plans, and passengers have to break window for ventilation.

Niki Wang, Train Disruptions Lead to an Increased Appreciation for the Small Things in Life some people had time to reflect, some had respiratory problems, and it was simply a horrible experience.

Many people are angry. ‘Train disruptions unacceptable and unforgivable’

The taxi company is seeking "profits"

#SMRT Experience A Facebook page is set up for you to share your good and bad experiences on the SMRT.

Please share!

-- Iron Bowl

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Public Transportation Fail

SBS bus drive from Mainland China got lost in Singapore and passengers were trapped in train for 2 hours+.

Is this the world class transportation we want?

Perhaps we need to raise bus fares too, as incompetent drivers, rules and bureaucracy waste a lot of money.

Year after year, these monopolized public service companies get record profits, and the people running it tend to be relatives of spouses of Members of Parliaments.

The public transportation system is getting more expensive, but ever so crowded and bad.

-- Iron Bowl

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Another Brutal Video of Ugly China

There are a lot of things wrong with China.

For one thing, human rights needs to be addressed and if you can understand Mandarin, you will be even more furious.

These people are just watching as a mob beats up an ethnic minority kid, because he was "lazy" as described in the video. Again like the video of Toddler hit by car in China...

Is China so focused in Economic success that humanity takes a step backwards?

Where were the warm hearted villagers we used to know in the past?

-- Iron Bowl