Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taxi fare increase, Train down.

Comfort Delgro has just increased the fares.

Singapore Taxi Fare Increase Table

Officially, cost of living has increased a lot, there are a lot of other fare hikes and the economy is not doing well in Singapore.

So after the fare increase, the train broke down on 15 December.

North-South MRT Line breakdown hits thousands

Peak hour break down, no contingency plans, and passengers have to break window for ventilation.

Niki Wang, Train Disruptions Lead to an Increased Appreciation for the Small Things in Life some people had time to reflect, some had respiratory problems, and it was simply a horrible experience.

Many people are angry. ‘Train disruptions unacceptable and unforgivable’

The taxi company is seeking "profits"

#SMRT Experience A Facebook page is set up for you to share your good and bad experiences on the SMRT.

Please share!

-- Iron Bowl

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