Monday, February 13, 2012

Popular Singapore Face...

It is only at lunch time, but I've visited several areas and seem to observe this attitude.

1) On the MRT, there was a breakdown in the morning and a foreign commuter was asking about alternative transportation means to get to town. She was asking one of those Transport Police who are patrolling the MRT trains and stations hoping to catch terrorists. They showed that "Fuck that" Face and told her to talk to the SMRT staff.

2) At ICA (Immigration and Checkpoint Authority) I was submitting my application to get a new passport and asked the staff at the passport counter to check my form to see if everything was ok before I submit, and she gave me that "Fuck that" face and did not even glace at the application form and said, drop it in that box.

3) At Ikea, I wanted to get some desert and went to the Restaurant and bought a slice of pie and when I found a seat, the couple who finished their meal was about to leave and I informed them that in Ikea, you clear your own trays. They gave me that "Fuck That" Face and walked off.

I guess they are Yao Ming Fans...

-- Iron Bowl

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