Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Palmface Stupidity -- 3D Art Exhibit at Bugis

1) Singapore hires a 3D Artist.

2) Plans and promotes the event.

3) People come to the event and cannot find where it is.

4) No one at the location where event is held is briefed.

5) Security Guard came to harass the 3D Artist.

6) Informed the Artist that management did not give permission for the display, even though they promoted it.

Guess he did not get the memo


-- Iron Bowl


JH said...

The security guard pointing middle finger? :0

Wei said...

It's a ridiculous situation, I know. But this can happen anywhere right? Why is it "Singapore Stupidity"? Why not "Security Guard Stupidity" or "Management Stupidity" or "STB Stupidity"? Why are we so self-deprecating? When stupid things happen, why do we have to see it as reflective of all of us?

Cheers :)

Unknown said...

Actually it is rather uniquely Singapore. This always happen here as I am involved in many events, film shoots,etc and the security here always "never get the memo" and instead of bothering to check with their superiors, they just simply act upon their unwarranted authority and declare "you have no permission" and when shown a written permit, they will typically at first look blur and then brush it aside and look at you like you are trying to con them. First of all, why would anyone in most cases, bother to set up , be it a massive artwork, or installation in a public premise without a permit . Sure you get the infamous case of the 2 graffiti 'artists' who spray paint the MRT trains and perhaps these security has to be vigilant. But I believe this is not the case, but simply the ignorant manners that these situations are handled. There is a very big lack of communication between management and other delegated areas in most companies here which lead to these 'fumbling' acts of security who mishandle situations, and in this case,the bigger problem of not promoting the proper venue with informed publicity. I've personally been in these situations and it is rather common place, so no, this doesn't really happen anywhere else as I do not encounter these issues when I work on projects overseas , be it in first world or third world countries. I think we need to know how to handle situations and work towards setting a world class standard of handling situations with certain professionalism and perhaps finesse.

Wei said...

Point taken. I'm quite sure I wouldn't goof up like that, and you sound like you wouldn't either. Perhaps we really are a minority, but I had certainly hoped not. =/

Yau-ming's blog!! said...

I think Singaporeans are kind of fed up with the paternalistic approach that comes from top down - and its sort of caricatured by the security guard's actions. I've experienced such overhanded behavior before, but Singapore is not unique in this.

tongue-in-chick said...

Hilarious! Bizarre that the artist was harassed after he finished painting... Not as if it's a 5 minute thingie. Did the guard just start his shift? Maybe the guard on the prior shift bochap... More likely the guard is actually a performance artist staging his own satire!

Iron Bowl said...

The lack of communications is disturbing, and it seems to be very common, however it should not be that way in a first world country like Singapore.

I guess the top down culture is to blame?