Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ignorance is bliss? #Singapore

Are there so few entrepreneurs that this stupid story is on the news?

NUS students develop touch-screen sensitive winter gloves

The idea for ISGLOVES took root when two members of the team went abroad for student exchange programmes last year.

After months of development, the innovation finally made its debut in Sweden last year, just in time for winter.

Retailing at about S$100 a piece, 100 gloves were sold within three weeks.

The team recently won an award for its innovation at DEMO Asia - one of the biggest start-up competitions in the region.

I don't even understand why this is news?

I have purchased Etip gloves from REI for $39.95 more than 1 year ago, was selling another pair of gloves for $8.99.

This product is overpriced and not new. The news is just making copying an existing product news worthy?

-- Iron Bowl

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